Spring Ambassador Patrycja Bereznowska is now the world record holder for 24 hours!

Patrycja is the world record holder for 24 hours. She ran 256.246 km* (159.223 miles) beating Japan’s Mami Kudo previously held a record of 255.303 km (158.637 miles) set in 2011.
She is also 2016 Polish champion and European Vice-Champion, and a record holder for the 100K.
Patrycja competes at distances ranging from half marathon to 100K.

She is also a horseback riding coach in Ossów near Warsaw.


Can you train your stomach to absorb more carbohydrates?

Frequently myth and facts are mixed up. Myths are used for marketing purposes; to justify product design or to improve sales. Sometimes, myths are repeated just because truth has not been revealed.
How many times have you heard that you need to train your stomach while running or riding a bike to be able to eat energy gels during a race without GI issues? Well, there is NO credible science to support such claims. Training your stomach to adapt to high carbohydrate concentration would mean increasing the level of carbohydrate transporters in your intestine. Careful data analysis of scientific research reveals… NO results. While there is a possibility to increase expression of glucose transporters (proteins called GLUT) in response to high carbohydrate diet, there is not data to support the claim of GLUT induction by carbohydrate ingestion while exercising.
So what does this mean? Simply put, do not bother training your stomach! Don’t expect that your stomach will better handle sugary sweet gel with time. You may want to become familiar with the feeling of having food while exercising; however, it is not going to change your ability to absorb carbohydrates. Just find a product that works for you and focus on training your body to better handle hard work. This, in turn, will help with minimizing adverse effects of exercise on shunting blood away from your digestive system. Remember, the main reason why you may experience GI problems while exercising is high glucose concentration in your stomach due to overloading your GI system with maltodextrin and sugars! Be smart while choosing your racing nutrition!

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